Manufacture of railway interiors and components

Our transport and railway products

We develop transport and railway products with the client

And give support from the first steps until the final installation.

Key Railway Products

Sandwich panel manufacture

Sandwich Panels – TEKPANEL

We are specialized in the production of sandwich panels, our product Tekpanel can be customized in thickness, size, geometry and components of the sandwich itself. The standard composition is two skins of aluminum panels and the core of PET. We strive to use materials that are recycled and can be recycled as much as possible.


  • Light weight
  • High stability
  • High durability
  • Noise and thermal insulation
  • Compliance with the fire and smoke certifications (EN-45455-2 HL1-3)
  • Thickness range: 8 to 50mm
  • Max Dimensions: 6.200 x 2.800 mm
  • Possible for 3D shapes
  • Inserts

Field of application:

  • Railway floors
  • Flooring systems
  • Interior partitioning
  • Ceilings
  • Interior doors
  • Cabinets and wardrobes
  • Exterior paneling
  • Transport tables
Train floor system manufacture

Transport Flooring Systems

EuroRail is able to develop and produce complete transport floor systems for our clients. Industrially pre-assembled floor systems have different advantages:

  • Controlled process and quality
  • Different degree of finished product
  • Integration of sound and thermal isolation
  • Pre-installation of floor carriers with vibration isolation
  • Final surface cover
  • Installation of aluminum profiles
  • Installation of inserts
  • Installation of ramps in the entrance area

Our extended network of supply chain allows EuroRail to be flexible and to develop and use different materials depending on the requirements (plywood, sandwich panels, aluminum or combinations of these materials).

We are always evaluating solutions for cost efficient products, resulting in durable products as well as reducing the installation time.

Railway products – interior partitions

Interior Partitions

Internal partition walls for trains or trams need to have a high quality finishing, be robust and easy to clean. EuroRail is able to deliver all of this. Our sandwich panel is perfect for this application, as well as for the integration of glass, handrails, inserts and many other features.

  • Lightweight
  • High finish level
  • Durable, anti-graffiti protection
  • Pre-assembled in our factory
  • Easy to install
  • Fire and smoke certification

Transport Ceilings

Due to our knowledge of manufacturing rail interiors together with the close co-operation to our partner, a producer of semi-finished products, we are able to satisfy every specification and customize products.

The materials used for this application can be 3A Dibond FR, Alucobond FR, EuroRail Tekpanel and honeycomb. Whatever the material used, there is also the option to create inserts for lights, speakers, screens, and fixing brackets, and for the stiffening of the panels.

  • Lightweight
  • Inserts possible for fixation, lighting systems, sound systems
  • Different types of mounting
  • Fire and smoke certification according to the EN45545-2 HL1 to HL3
  • Flexible and customizable for each specification
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Progetto SPARk
finanziato nel quadro
del POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020”

Project SPARk
under Tuscany POR FESR 2014-2020”

PROGETTO “SPARk – Sviluppo di una nuova generazione di concept di pannelli per la pavimentazione di veicoli ferro-tramviari per trasporto di persone e del relativo processo automatizzato di lavorazione con a supporto la realizzazione di un sistema informatico per la tracciabilità e digitalizzazione dell’intero processo aziendale.

Il progetto prevede lo sviluppo di un processo produttivo automatizzato o semi-automatizzato basato su tecnologia 4.0 per la produzione di sistemi pavimento per il settore ferrotranviario parallelamente allo sviluppo di prodotti innovativi per il settore. Saranno realizzati prototipi automatizzati o semi-automatizzati per lo svolgimento di attività del flusso produttivo attualmente eseguiti manualmente.

L’interconnessione di questi dispositivi con il sistema informatico aziendale permetterà di avere un controllo puntuale ed in tempo reale di tutti i parametri di processo. La digitalizzazione del processo permetterà di aumentare la produttività e la qualità dei prodotti, rispondendo alle richieste del mercato.

Oltre all’innovazione del processo saranno sviluppati nuovi prodotti in termini tecnologici e di materiali con l’obiettivo di ridurre i pesi, migliorare le performance fisico-meccaniche, avere minori ingombri, ottenere un maggior comfort termo-acustico.

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Railway products production process

Production is divided between sandwich panels, accessories (tables, dividing walls, internal doors, etc.), and complete flooring systems.

Each step of the production is controlled by the latest industry 4.0 systems. This enables a high degree of control and gives the history of each piece over time.

We source the materials necessary for the production of flooring from the leading material manufacturers. This high quality ensures a long service life of our floors and components.